Saturday, 3 October 2009

Film Review: JERRY MAGUIRE (1996)

Writer/Director: Cameron Crowe
Running time: 132 mins (approx)
Certificate (UK): 15

Watched on Sky+ Friday 2nd October 2009.


Set against the sleazy world of sports promotion, this is a love story that, for me, didn’t quite work. It may surprise you to know that, although it’s been out for over twelve years, this is the very first time I’ve seen it. The film has been sitting on my Sky+ hard drive for about a week and I finally found a spare two and quarter hours to watch it. It wasn’t all bad, it was, for the most part, very enjoyable, but I just thought there was no chemistry between Jerry and Dorothy. I could see what Writer/Director Cameron Crowe was trying to convey, but what I saw on the screen just didn’t seem to work. Anyway, here’s a bit about the plot and then I’ll continue.

Jerry Maguire is a very successful sports agent; he represents the interests of many top stars from all kinds of sports. One night, while at a convention, he decides to write down everything he thinks is wrong with the business, he calls it his ‘Mission Statement’. Not only does he write it down, but he has it printed and distributed to everyone at the convention. Here we are introduced to Dorothy Boyd, a single mum and an accountant at the same firm as Jerry, who is moved by his statement (and also looking for the right man for her). The consequences of his ‘Mission Statement’ are dire for Jerry, not only does he lose his job and, eventually, his fiancée, but also all of his clients, except one, Rod Tidwell, a footballer (of the American variety). When Jerry leaves the firm, the only one to go with him was Dorothy, because she believed in him. They work together and eventually a deeper relationship grows between them. If you want to know more, I guess you’ll have to watch it for yourself; it’s far too long for me to give you the whole plot!

As I said at the beginning, I wasn’t entirely convinced by the romantic element of this film. There is, however, a lot of comedy in it which is really well written and very well executed by the cast. Speaking of the cast, an excellent performance from Cuba Gooding Jr. as Rod Tidwell, he really threw himself into the role, and it showed. Good performances from Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire and Renée Zellweger as Dorothy Boyd. Honourable mentions go to Kelly Preston as Avery Bishop, Jerry O'Connell as Frank Cushman, Jay Mohr as Bob Sugar and Bonnie Hunt as Laurel, Dorothy’s sister. Over all, an entertaining comedy with a romantic twist that didn’t quite work… for me.

My score: 6.5/10

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