Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Film Review: THE UNBORN (2009)

Director: David S. Goyer
Running time: 87 mins (approx)
Certificate (UK): 15

Watched on Sky+ Wednesday 3rd February 2010.


You know how sometimes you take a chance on a film and you watch it without knowing much about it, apart from maybe a couple of the actors. You hope you’ll uncover a lost gem in the pile of unseen movies, a film that you’ll come back to again and again because it’s so good. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those, if I’m honest, it’s pretty bad despite the presence of Gary Oldman… he must have needed the money.

A young woman, Casey Beldon, is out jogging when she starts to see things, a small boy, who turns into a dog and then she finds a jar in the woods with a foetus in it. Kind of a bizarre start to a film, I know, but that’s how we begin. In the next scene, she’s on the phone telling her friend about these strange ‘visions’. Later, she’s just getting ready for bed when as she’s leaving the bathroom she hears a bump coming from the mirrored cupboard over the sink. On opening it, there’s nothing to be seen. As you might guess, the visions get worse, and Casey, and her friend, Romy and her boyfriend, Mark, are all drawn into this strange world she inhabits. Her father tells her that she was a twin, but her brother died in the womb. Casey finds a newspaper clipping about an old woman who knew her mother, who had committed suicide years earlier. Casey and Romy go to see her and she tells them about how a demon that had possessed her twin brother at Auschwitz. Her only hope was to seek out Rabbi Sendak and get an exorcism. I know it’s a bit of a sketchy synopsis, but it’s a bit of a confused script, anyway, enough of this…

I can’t say it’s a particularly well made film; the script is kind of all over the place, although the cinematography and CGI are quite good. Reasonable performances from the main cast, Odette Yustman as Casey Beldon, Gary Oldman as Rabbi Sendak, Cam Gigandet as Mark and Meagan Good as Romy.

I feel this film relied a bit too heavily on CGI for the scare factor, rather than the writing. A dog with it’s head on upside down just isn’t scary I’m sorry to say, in fact I found that quite amusing. Over all, it has a couple of ‘jump out of your skin’ moments, but it’s not going to keep me awake at night.

My score: 4.2/10

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