Friday, 26 November 2010

Gig Review: MOTÖRHEAD at the Leeds O2 Academy 25th November 2010


Motörhead are: Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister (lead vocals and bass guitar), Phil Campbell (guitar and backing vocals) & Mikkey Dee (drums and percussion)

We arrived about twnety minutes before Motörhead hit the stage and the place was pretty full. Lemmy announced “We are Motörhead… and we play Rock and Roll!” and they opened up with a couple of classics of which ‘Metropolis’ and ‘Over the Top’ were best received. Other classics like ‘Killed by Death’, one of my all-time favourite Motörhead tunes, ‘Stay Clean’, ‘I Got Mine’ and ‘Just cos You Got the Power’ were all well received. A smattering of new tracks also put in an appearance. Of course, at the end of the set we got the classic, ‘Ace of Spades’. The encore consisted of ‘Born to Raise Hell’, (I love that track!) and, of course, ‘Overkill’. Over all a really good show, I really enjoyed it. No t-shirt this year, at £25.00 they’re getting a bit too expensive these days.

My only complaint is that the venue, when full, is not very condusive to being able to see the stage, particularly if, like me, you’re only 5 feet 7 inches tall! We spent most of the night towards the back, either by the mixing desk or right at the back by the bar (not a bad place to be). It wasn’t a bad view from there, but I must admit the sound quality was terrible! I don’t know what was wrong, but Lemmy even apologised for it.

My score: 7/10

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