Friday, 27 May 2011

Film Review: COP OUT (2010)

CopOut_poster Director: Kevin Smith
Running time: 107 mins (approx)
Certification (UK): 15

Genre: Comedy/Action/Crime
UK Release date: 16th April 2010

Watched on Sky+ Friday 27th May 2011.


I should say from the start that I’m not a great fan of film comedies, for the most part they just don’t work for me. People say to me, “What about the part where…”, or “What about that that guy who…”, yes, all well and good, but invariably, you can see all those parts in the trailer! I’d rather they made a 30 minute short, or a TV show than make me sit through 90 minutes (or more) of pointless filler just to get to a punch line most people worked out before they even got into their seat! Ok, rant over, I’ll get on with the business in hand, Cop Out.

cop-out-trailer-02-still When it first came out this film got quite a slating by the critics and so with much hope that maybe they didn’t get it and I just might, I sat down with a little anticipation in my heart (or was it indigestion?) Well, it didn’t take long before the critics proved themselves worthy of the title. It sucked. Not only did it suck, but it sucked even more… got a little better and then sucked again at the end. I won’t even bother doing a synopsis of the plot, I’m that disappointed with it.

cop_out_2 Of the cast, Bruce Willis did his best with some very mediocre material as Jimmy Monroe. It certainly wasn’t up to ‘Moolighting’ standards as far as dialogue goes. Tracy Morgan was just annoying, loud, crass, but mostly annoying as Paul Hodges. Ana de la Reguera didn’t have much to say, but looked nice as the damsel in distress, Gabriela. Finally, Guillermo Díaz did a pretty good job as the comedy Mexican bad guy, Poh Boy.

Cop Out movie image There are many things to dislike about this film, but on the plus side, the soundtrack was alright. It was quite well produced but the script was diabolical (IMO). I don’t know what’s happened to Kevin Smith, he used to make some pretty good (and funny) films, but this was a dud with a capital ‘D’! Definitely NOT recommended.

My Score: 3.4/10

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Shaun said...

This movie reminded me of a incoherent thought. It started out with a great idea, and then went downhill as it got lost in a bunch of not so great ideas. This movie does not have the story to go with it, and unfortunately not even all the star power in Hollywood could save the movie. I purposefully missed seeing it in theaters because I know it would be a waste of 20 dollars, even when it came on DVD there was no point in renting it. Finally it was released on the Cinemax page on DISH online for streaming, finally it is worth watching, and even then it isn’t worth watching. Even when I brought the movie up to the movie nerd I work with at DISH, he laughed and said it shouldn’t have ever been made, which was a little bit harsher then what I thought of it but he does have a point.