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George Harrison - Living in the Material World - poster Director: Martin Scorsese
Running time: 208 mins (approx)
Certification (UK): U

Genre: Documentary
UK Release date: 4th October 2011

Watched on Sky+ Monday 14th November 2011.


I have never made a secret of the fact that I am a fan of the Beatles, always have been and always will be. So when I heard that Martin Scorsese was making a documentary about the life of George Harrison you can guess I was a tad more than interested. Knowing it was very unlikely to air at my local cinema, I was resigned to either waiting for the DVD release or for it to air on TV in about a years’ time. Imagine my surprise when those nice people at the BBC aired it over the weekend of November 12th/13th 2011! Here’s a bit about it before I give you my thoughts.

George Harrison - Living in the Material World - 1 Using archive footage, much of which I had never seen before, and interviews with his friends and family, we are taken through the ups and downs of the life and times of this quiet guitar player from Liverpool. From the early days of the Beatles, through to their demise in the late 60’s and then on through his solo career. We hear about how he came to finance a Monty Python film, his love of Indian mysticism, his love of motorsport and the many many friends he made along the way. How he formed a little group called The Traveling Wilburys and how they brought him a little success later in his career. It goes right up to his death from cancer in 2001.

George Harrison - Living in the Material World - 2 It’s a very touching and heartfelt tribute to a man who had an impact on so many lives whether it be through his music or in some other way. I must say I enjoyed it very much, although at just short of three and a half hours, it is pretty long! It’s beautifully put together with just about the right mix of archive footage intercut with interviews. Some of the people who appear are; several Pythons, John Lennon (archive footage), Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Georges’ wife, Olivia and his son, Dhani (who really looks like him), Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar, Tom Petty and Phil Spector. At some stage I will definitely invest in the DVD of this documentary, it’s really worth a look for any Beatles fan, or any fan of music for that matter… Just be warned that despite a ‘U’ certificate, there is a little swearing. Over all… Highly Recommended (but VERY long).

My score: 9.2/10

IMDb Score: 8.3/10 (based on 722 votes at the time of going to press).

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Rodders said...

"it's a little long" *looks up running time* 208 MINUTES? You weren't kidding! I guess I shouldn't be surprised at Scorcese giving a lengthy running time to his film, but nearly 3 and a half hours? wow! Perhaps on a day when I have the time to do so, otherwise i'd have to stop at some point and pick up from where I left off the next day. Fantastic review Andy