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Film Review: CHASING AMY (1997)

Chasing Amy - poster Writer/Director: Kevin Smith
Running time: 113 mins (approx)
Certification (UK): 18

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
UK Release date: 14th November 1997

Watched on Sky+ Saturday 12th January 2013.


This is another film that was recommended to me; I can’t remember exactly where or by whom, but a recommendation was made. That covers me if you don’t agree with my thoughts on the film… I hope. I must say (for the record) that I’m not a huge comic book fan; I’ll read the occasional graphic novel but I’m not into the genre in any big way. I say that just in case there are any subtle comic book ‘in jokes’ in the film that went totally over my head. But I digress, here’s a very brief synopsis before I give you my thoughts.

Chasing Amy - 1 Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck) writes a comic book with his best friend, Banky Edwards (Jason Lee). When a friend of theirs, Hooper X (Dwight Ewell), introduces them to another comic book writer, Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams), the fun really starts. Holden and Alyssa hit it off right from the start and when she invites him to a club, Holden can’t wait to see her again. Imagine his surprise when he discovers she’s gay. Even so, the pair of them continue to hang out, much to Banky’s displeasure, and eventually Holden admits to Banky that he’s in love with her. Now, how is Alyssa going to take it when he tells her? Will it be the end of the comic book and the friendship Holden and Banky have had for the past 20 years? Also, look out for Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith) and a very brief appearance from Matt Damon.

Chasing Amy - 2 As a production, it was ok; I did feel it didn’t quite work though because the sound quality was so poor. Some scenes, although the acting was excellent, sounded like just two people shouting in a room – I expected better. As for performances; I thought all the lead actors were excellent; particularly Joey Lauren Adams, she pulled off the part very well. For me, it was a film that was good in parts, but over all didn’t quite achieve the level I was looking for. I don’t quite know why… maybe because I’m a tad older than 26 and I’ve seen and done a lot of things, I found Holden’s actions towards the end of the film a little too rash and stupid (particularly stupid). Over all, I felt the ending was a bit of a let down, but there was just enough in there for my recommendation… But I can’t recommend a second viewing (cue hate mail).

SteelMonster’s verdict: RECOMMENDED

My score: 6.8/10.

IMDb Score: 7.4/10 (based on 62,981 votes when this review was written).

MetaScore: 71/100: (Based on 28 critic reviews provided by at the time of going to press).

Chasing Amy - 5 Rotten Tomatoes ‘Tomatometer’ Score: 90/100 (based on 69 reviews counted at the time of going to press).

Rotten Tomatoes ‘Audience’ Score: 81/100 (based on 173,501 user ratings counted at the time of going to press).

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Banky Edwards: Now *that*, my friend, is a shared moment.

Banky Edwards: This is all gonna end badly.

Banky Edwards: Alright, now see this? This is a four-way road, okay? And dead in the center is a crisp, new, hundred dollar bill. Now, at the end of each of these streets are four people, okay? You following?
Holden: Yeah.
Banky Edwards: Good. Over here, we have a male-affectionate, easy to get along with, non-political agenda lesbian. Down here, we have a man-hating, angry as fuck, agenda of rage, bitter dyke. Over here, we got Santa Claus, and up here the Easter Bunny. Which one is going to get to the hundred dollar bill first?
Holden: What is this supposed to prove?
Banky Edwards: No, I'm serious. This is a serious exercise. It's like an SAT question. Which one is going to get to the hundred dollar bill first? The male-friendly lesbian, the man-hating dyke, Santa Claus, or the Easter bunny?
Holden: The man-hating dyke.
Banky Edwards: Good. Why?
Holden: I don't know.
Banky Edwards: [shouting] Because the other three are figments of your fucking imagination!

Chasing Amy - 7 Alyssa: I love you, I always will. Know that. But I'm not your fucking whore.

Alyssa: Let me ask you a question. Can men fuck each other?
Banky Edwards: What, are you asking for my permission?
Alyssa: In your estimation.
Banky Edwards: Sure.
Alyssa: So, for you, to fuck is to penetrate. You're used to the more traditional definition. You inside some girl you duped, jackhammering away, not noticing that bored look in her eyes.
Banky Edwards: Hey, I always notice that bored look in their eyes, alright?

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