Saturday, 26 July 2008

Saturday 26th July: The Weather! (A Short Rant!)

So here we are in the UK having a bit of a 'heatwave'. It really annoys me when you get some smug git telling us how 'wonderful' the weather is going to be for the next 5 days and how everyone will be absolutely loving it! Guess what, they won't! There are some of us out there who are not designed for hot weather and find anything above 22 degrees centigrade quite opressive! We can't all afford air conditioning (certainly couldn't afford to run it these days!) and we can't all afford to go jetting off around the planet to find somewhere a bit cooler. Not that I would... I quite like this planet (more on that another day) and I'd like it to be habitable for at least a couple more aeons!! So if, like me, you're not too enamoured with hot weather, next time you see the smug weather git telling you how 'wonderful' it's going to be, write to the BBC, ITV or whatever channel you happen to be watching and point out the error of their ways!

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