Saturday, 29 May 2010

Film Review: 12 ROUNDS (2009)

Director: Renny Harlin
Running time: 104 mins (approx)
Certificate (UK): 15

UK Release Date: 27th May 2009

Watched on Sky+ Sunday 29th May 2010.


I must admit I’m not a great fan of the WWE, however, I’m not totally cut off from the world of sport and I have heard of John Cena. The reason I mention this is because the star of this film, the aforementioned Mr Cena, may be unknown to many movie goers and I felt I should mention his sporting links. But more of this later, let me tell you a little about the plot first. The setting is New Orleans post Katrina.

Cop Danny Fisher and his partner, George Aiken, are on patrol when they get the call to assist the FBI. A dangerous gun runner and terrorist, Miles Jackson, has eluded capture when he double crosses the guy setting him up. Danny and George come across Jackson with his girlfriend, Erica Kessen, and a chase ensues. Danny finally catches up with the pair but Erica is killed in a traffic accident at the time of arrest. We now flash forward a year later and Danny is living with his girlfriend, Molly Porter, who has just left for work one morning when Danny receives a phone call from Jackson. He has escaped from jail and is seeking revenge on Danny for Erica’s death. Danny now has to carry out twelve tasks in order to get Molly back, which, even with the help of the FBI seems a very tough challenge.

This is a rough, tough movie with plenty of car chases, explosions and fights at every turn. All of the stunt work and special effects are very well executed and look very good on the screen. The acting was OK, nothing great, but honourable mentions go to John Cena as Danny Fisher, Aidan Gillen as Miles Jackson, Ashley Scott as Molly Porter, Steve Harris as George Aiken, Brian J. White as Hank Carver and Gonzalo Menendez as Ray Santiago.

I guess this film was OK, it’s not the best action movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s not the worst either. John Cena gets to show off his fighting skills, particularly in the final show down, but it didn’t really deliver for me. I didn’t engage with any of the characters and so I found it hard to care when they were being hurt. Aidan Gillen was pretty menacing as the bad guy, but, again, I wasn’t really convinced by him. Over all, lots of explosions, lots of car chases and some average acting, not really recommended unless you’re really into explosions and car chases.

My score: 5.1/10

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