Monday, 29 June 2009

Film Review: Dr SEUSS’: HORTON HEARS A WHO! (2008)

Directors: Jimmy Hayward and Steve Martino
Running time: 86 mins (approx)

Watched on Sky+ Monday 29th June 2009.

I am quit a fan of animated films, I have been almost as long as I can remember, we can probably blame Disney for that. So, whenever one is on I’ll either watch it or record for later enjoyment. Now, although I like animated films, I’m not particularly a fan of Dr Seuss, just something I never got into in my early years. Where’s this all leading I hear you ask, well, this film really surprised me, it was a lot better than I was expecting!

Horton, an elephant, hears a voice coming from a tiny speck as it floats past him. Intrigued, he chases the speck and finally catches it on a clover flower. He eventually discovers that on the speck is a tiny world called Whoville whose mayor finds a way to talk to Horton. Of course there’s a baddy, and in this case it’s a busy-body in Horton’s world, a lady kangaroo. Horton promises the mayor he will find a safe place for Whoville, but the kangaroo has other plans…

The voice talents of Jim Carrey as Horton and Steve Carell as the mayor of Whoville are used to good effect, although I thought Horton could have done with being a little less ‘zany’ at times. Honourable mentions go to Carol Burnett as the Kangaroo and Will Arnett as Vlad, a vulture employed by the Kangaroo to get the clover.

Over all, a quite enjoyable film, I found it easy to engage with the characters and the story was easy to follow. Well produced and animated, and I did like the version of REO Speedwagon’s, ‘I Can’t Fight This Feeling’ near the end. It’s a great one for the younger viewer, but there’s one of two bits for the adults as well.

My score: 7/10

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ashtree said...

If you liked Horton Hears a Who, you might also enjoy reading the Lorax or my other Dr. Seuss favorite, the butter battle book, Dr. Seuss tackles the environment and the nuclear arms race, in a way that younger folks can understand. Everytime I read the Lorax, I find something else I missed.