Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Gig Review: UFO at Leeds O2 Academy 16th June 2009

UFO are: Phil Mogg (Vocals) – Vinnie Moore (Guitars) – Andy Parker (Drums) – Paul Raymond (Guitar, Keyboards)

UFO kicked off the show with the opening track, ‘Saving Me’ from the new album The Visitor. A great opening number with both acoustic and lead guitar parts being played by Vinnie. The other tracks from the new album they played (that I can remember) were, ‘Hell Driver’, ‘Rock Ready’ and possibly even ‘Living Proof’. Apologies if I got that wrong, I confess to not owning “The Visitor” yet, but it’s on my ‘to purchase’ list (honestly). Anyhow, all these tracks went down very well with a very appreciative audience, although my buddy, Simon, reckoned the new stuff was, in his words, “A bit bluesy”. My opinion, I really liked it.

We then got to the ‘greatest hits’ part of the show, all the classics were here, ‘Lights Out’, ‘Love To Love’, ‘Doctor Doctor’, ‘Rock Bottom’, and of course ‘Shoot Shoot’ for an encore. I loved it… & so did Simon.

Performance wise, I can’t fault UFO, from Andy Parkers excellent drum work, Paul Raymond’s driving rhythm guitar and eloquent keyboard style through to the brilliance of Vinnie Moore on lead and Phil Mogg’s crisp clear vocals. It really makes a change to see a band where you can actually hear the words of the songs, hats of to UFO and all the crew for putting together an excellent show!

I can’t leave without a word about Vinnie Moore; he was just brilliant last night. I can’t describe the intricacies of his solos, even at one point playing with the guitar behind his head!

Thanks to all the band & crew and thanks to Simon for getting me a ticket. Just one final question… Why was Phil Mogg wearing a skirt…?

My score: 9/10

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